Customer Support

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there is a problem with a customer’s order. Whether they didn’t receive the book, received a damaged book, or want to return a book, providing good customer support can make all the difference! Let’s talk about each of these situations.

Book Bucks: Sometimes a book goes out of stock in the short time between when a customer orders it and our Warehouse ships it. When this happens, you’ll receive a Book Buck which is a credit on your account.  This allows you to either order the book for the customer when it comes back in stock or order another book for them now. To see when a book buck is issued, you’ll want to check your book buck ledger by going to your Back Office > Essentials > Book Buck Ledger. Once you have the Book Buck number, you can go into OrderPro to redeem it.  This video will walk you through the process.

Erin’s Pro Tip: To see when a book will be back in stock or if it’s out of print, check the Out of Stock List regularly.  There is a link for this at the top of your Back Office.

Receiving a Damaged Book: Our books are pretty durable but sometimes they get damaged in shipping.  If you or your customer receives a damaged book, have them send you pictures of the book(s) and then submit a support ticket. Our Home Office will ship them out new copies quickly. There is a video at the bottom of this page that walks you through how to submit a Support Ticket.

Customer Wants to Return a Book for a Refund or an Exchange: A customer has 30 days to return a book if they don’t want it. To do so, they will need to mail the book back to Home Office. (The address is in your Back Office under “Contact.”) Have your customer include a paper that lists their contact information along with yours (including your consultant ID). They will also need to include the order number that the book came from and whether they’d like a refund or an exchange. The customer is responsible for shipping to/from the Home Office.

Half-Price Replacement: One thing I love about our company is our Half-Price Replacement policy. If a book gets ruined, you can replace it for half price. To do this, simply fill out a support ticket (see video below) and Home Office will walk you through what to do. Include pictures of the damaged book. The customer will be responsible for shipping.

Erin’s Pro Tip: When someone mentions to me that they’d like to do a Half-Price Replacement I offer to replace it for free if they host a party. It’s a win-win for everyone!