A Tour of the Websites

As a new Usborne Books & More consultant, your kit includes your very own website and back office. YAY!! Here are a few helpful tips about each of them:

Your eCommerce Site (a.k.a. your “customer” website):

Your eCommerce URL is http://(YourConsultantID).myubam.com. This is where you’ll set up your eshows, see orders for parties, see order totals for parties, and where you’ll send your customers to shop.

Back Office & OrderPro:

Your Back Office URL is http://consultants.myubam.com. Password is the last 4 of your SSN.  This is where you’ll place hostess orders, track sales, track orders, and Home Office will communicate with you. You will also set up your direct deposit and check the out of stock list here.

OrderPro can be accessed through your Back Office or at http://orderpro.myubam.com. This is where you’ll order your hostesses books.

Erin’s Pro Tip: OrderPro is totally confusing until you actually have a party to close and hostess books to order.  Until then, just watch this short video tour but don’t worry too much about how it all works. When you’re ready to close your first show, your Team Leader will help you put it in.

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch the eCommerce site video. Visit your eCommerce site.
  • Watch the Back Office video. Visit your Back Office. Find your sponsor’s name, your team leaders name, and the out of stock list.
  • Comment below with who your team leader’s name.
  • Watch the OrderPro video.
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.

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