Promote to Team Leader, You Deserve It!

WHAT?! I’m not even 30 days into the business and you’re talking to me about PROMOTING?! What in the world?? Yep, that’s right. YOU, my friend. YOU can be the next Usborne Books & More Team Leader. I could come up with plenty of reasons why you should promote, but I’m going to just one. First of all, I’m busy. I’m guessing you are too. I’m all about working smarter, not harder. I have a limited number of nights I can do parties. Now, you can make a nice income by filling those party nights, but when you build a team of like-minded people who also do parties and you promote to Team Leader, your earning potential truly becomes unlimited. There are leaders in this company who support their entire family with their UBAM income. Yep, the sky’s the limit! PLUS, you’ll get to be part of an amazing group of leaders that are helping other team members grow their business and create positive change in the world while contributing to their family income too, all from home.

Promoting to Team Leader is a 2-month push. It can be a lot of work but is 100% worth it because once you promote, you’re a leader and you can keep that title as long as you are working your business. There are specific strategies you can put in place to make it happen, as well. Plus, there’s always a bonus because you’re still a newbie, right?! You receive even more cash and books for promoting Express Success by the first of the month following the end of your incentive period.

Erin’s Bonus Tip: Don’t sit back and “let it happen if it’s going to happen.” Pretty sure I’ve never seen that strategy work for anyone! You need to be intentional and MAKE it happen if you’re serious about your business. Reach out to your team leader and let her know you want to promote. That way she can give you those extra tools you need to make it happen.

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch the video to learn about being a Team Leader
  • Reflect on if being a team leader is for you. Message your Team Leader any concerns you have.
  • Comment below with what sounds most exciting about being a team leader.
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.


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5 thoughts on “Promote to Team Leader, You Deserve It!”

  1. Video?

    This is my goal already. I am going to be a stay at home mom for a while so I would love to support my family in anyway that I can. I will also have some time to invest while the kids are napping and asleep at night.


  2. I honestly hadn’t thought much about being a team leader. For now I’m just going to be a consultant, and possibly later on I’ll want to become a team leader!


  3. I am a stay at home mom with a small in-home daycare and would love to have some extra income and still be able to stay at home. The more money the better, right?!


  4. I will officially be at home full-time on 4/30 and I am truly looking forward to the ways I can enjoy “working” from home… filling my calendar with book parties!


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