Make Your Hostess Your BFF

Your hostess should become your BFF, even if you have just met! You want to build a connection with her, so she can bridge the gap between you and her friends.

How can you do that?

  • The best way to ensure your hostess becomes your BFF is COMMUNICATION! It doesn’t matter how many parties she’s hosted, NEVER assume she knows what to do… TELL HER WHAT TO DO! It may seem harsh but if you were having a party and someone knew how to make that party successful, wouldn’t you want them to tell you?? So does your hostess!
  • Send a voice message over FB Messenger every now and then. That way, she will get an idea of your tone, you can explain things more clearly, and she’ll feel like she knows you. There’s something about hearing your voice that will help you make a stronger connection.
  • Get your hostess engaged. What books is she most excited about? Have your hostess tag friends, comment on your posts, and make a few posts of her own. Her friends already know and trust her, so her recommendations will go a long way!
  • Invite your hostess to go LIVE with you. You can “invite” a second user on Facebook Live (if you have an iPhone) or use different websites to go live with your hostess. The two of you will show up on a split-screen. Her friends are more likely to tune in when they get to see their friend and hear her recommendations.

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch this fun video about how to connect with your hostess. The more you connect, the better her party will be!
  • Download our Hostess Coaching script. This will give you the words to say (YAY for cut/paste) to your hostesses. Click Here: Hostess Coaching Messages
  • Comment below with your favorite way to communicate with people? Are you a phone call gal? Prefer text or FB messages? Or, would you rather listen to a voice message or watch a short video??
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.


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25 thoughts on “Make Your Hostess Your BFF”

  1. I prefer texting and Facebook messages. They’re a lot easier to follow as a busy mom especially with a noisy little ones. I’d like to work up the courage to record a hostess expectation video.


  2. With my currant part-time job (not usborne) I have to communicate with people A LOT, so when I come home for the day or a day off I rather not talk to anyone face to face! I prefer texting or FB messaging, but that can get old for some people. The option to do a live video with the hostess is amazing, its something that is rarely done and will grab the attention of a lot of people!


  3. I am more of a texting/FB messaging kind of girl. I hate talking on the phone and avoid it whenever I can. I don’t mind doing little videos but I just don’t like the phone!


  4. I am personally more of a text/facebook message girl. it just makes things easier for both parties, and they can respond when they have a spare moment!


  5. I definitely prefer to communicate through text and fb messages. It’s so much easier to be able to fit those in while I’m already busy!


    1. I totally agree! i have 2 kids at home and definitely find it easier to fit in a message through text or FB than to try and have a phone conversation with the kids screaming in the background lol!


  6. I’m definitely a text and messenger girl but I never thought of sending voice messages through messenger! Great 👍🏻 idea!!


  7. I prefer Facebook messages or texting! I’m a little nervous about going live but I think I would feel more comfortable if I had the hostess live with me.


  8. FB messenger and texting for sure. Then people can reach out whenever they have time and don’t feel rushed or have the excuse that they weren’t available at that moment.


  9. For communicating details, I tend to like texting or FB messaging better because then everything is written down somewhere you can find it without having to listen to a voice message over and over. I think reminders in voice message form are great!


  10. I text more frequently because then my friends can respond when they get a chance. I love the videos about Usborne books so I can see the book myself and hear the great educational value.


  11. I am very much a message: text, FB, email. That way I can always double check I answered all the questions and I have any information in writing, not just hoping it sticks in my brain.


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