Keeping It All Organized

As your business grows, systems and organization will SAVE YOUR LIFE. You may not naturally be an organized person.  THAT’S OKAY! Doing something is better than doing nothing! Here are a few of my organization hacks to keep UBAM from taking over your life:

USE A PARTY CHECKLIST. When you have more than one party going on, it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve told each hostess or what needs done. Using a Party Checklist can make this easier. Here’s one you can download and use to keep track of your parties. Click Here: Party Checklist (1)

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR INCOME AND EXPENSES. There are fancy, expensive programs out there that can help you keep track of your finances. Really, all you need is a spreadsheet.  Just keep track of all the money that you receive and all of the money you spend on business stuff. Doing this on a regular basis will make tax time easy/peasy!

Erin’s Pro Tip: It’s so much easier to keep track of your business finances if you have a separate checking account for your business. I started out with an extra personal account that we had. I’d deposited all of my UBAM money in there and paid all of my business expenses out of it too.  Then, when I wanted to pull out some money for family stuff, I’d simply write a check or transfer the money to our family account. No rush on setting up the separate account but it’s definitely worth doing!

USBORNE PLANNER. I go back and forth on digital versus paper when it comes to planners. But no matter what, I love the planner that Home Office has for us. It’s filled with important dates, product knowledge, contact tracking, and other business goodies. I use this planner to mark out when I’m going to work and block out “non-work” times too! You can order it in OrderPro. (If it’s near the end of the year, just grab another planner to use until this one becomes available for the next year.)

DAILY TO-DO LIST AND YOUR TOP 3. Whether you do this in your planner, on a post it, or on the back of an envelope you found on the kitchen counter, I like to figure out tomorrow’s Top 3 to-do items at the end of my work time each day.  That way when it’s “time to go to work,” I know where to start. I usually write these in my planner so when I “go to work” I know what is most important to get done.

Your To-Do List:

  • Determine which systems work best for you at this stage in your business.  Remember, it’s okay to change them as your needs change!
  • Set up organizational methods to focus on what matters the most.
  • Comment with your Top 3 for today. (It’s okay if keeping the kids alive is one of them! Haha!)
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.

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