Hostess Rewards and Party Prizes

I LOVE to give books away! It’s one of my favorite parts of the job.  There’s nothing better than telling a hostess that they’ve earned a big HOSTESS HAUL from their party or letting a customer know they’ve won a free book. I also use giveaways as an extra incentive to book parties.

There are several categories of “rewards” that will be helpful to understand:

  • Hostess Rewards: Our Usborne Books & More Home Office has set up a very generous hostess reward program for hostesses with a qualifying party over $100. Hostesses have the opportunity to receive free and half-off books for hosting. For example, a $100 party gets your hostess $10 in free books and $25 worth of books for half-price (plus tax/shipping). During your first 12 weeks as a consultant, you have the opportunity to offer your hostesses DOUBLE FREE BOOKS when their party reaches $250 and has 1 booking. Once you’re out of your 12 week incentive period, there are always monthly specials that usually provide an extra $50-100 in extra free books once they hit a certain level of sales.

Erin’s Pro Tip: While there is a fabulous hostess special each month after your 12 week incentive period, it’s usually not quite as good as the double free you can offer during your incentive period.  Use the double free hostess rewards to encourage people to book parties NOW. Also, I wouldn’t tell people you can offer it for 12 weeks or else they’re likely to say, “Great, I’ll host in 11 weeks!” Hey, it’s human nature! Instead, let them know that you an only offer it “for a limited time” and then give them your next 2 open party dates.

  • $50 Bonus Books at 65% off: Additionally, whenever you close a party (minimum $100 in sales) and order your hostess’ rewards in OrderPro, you will have the opportunity to order up to $50 worth of books at a 65% discount. This means you pay 35% of the retail price which ends up being $17.50 for $50 worth of books (plus tax/shipping). You can use these bonus books however you’d like. You can offer an extra book to your hostess as a booking incentive. You can offer an extra $10 free if they have 25 guests “going” to their Facebook party. You can use the full $50 to stock up on prizes for your party guests. You have a lot of freedom to create promotions that work for you. Keep in mind, you’re still paying 35% of the cost out of pocket so it’s a good idea to run ideas past your Team Leader when you’re getting started.

Erin’s Pro Tip: There are some extra incentives built into the hostess coaching and party script. THESE ARE OPTIONAL, but if you decide to offer them, you’ll use the Bonus Book category to pay for them (at a 65% discount).

  • Prizes: Your customers will attend your parties because you make them FUN. What’s more fun than a prize or giveaway?? This is certainly not required, but definitely adds some excitement to the party. You’ll also need to make sure your giveaway strategy is cost-effective. Let’s talk about how to maximize the rewards provided by the Home Office so your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. Here are some of my typical giveaways and prizes:
    • Party Prize: I usually give away at least one prize to a customer for participating in the party. I typically mail out a sample of Animal Doodles. These come in a set of 50 for $9.99 and can be split into sets of 5-10 cards so you get lots of prizes out of 1 box of cards. They fit in a 5×7 envelope and can be mailed with just 2 stamps. Mini books are also a good prize. They vary in cost from $1.99-3.99 and are light-weight enough that you won’t have to sell your first-born to ship them. I also like to buy the Beginners Animal Box Set. If you order it under the Bonus Book section when you close your launch party you can get 10 hard-back books for just $15.75 or $1.58 for each book. To choose your winner, you can use a website like The Raffler or Then you can post a congratulations on the event page, saying something like this: “Congratulations to Sarah for being our free book winner! Please message me your address so I can send out your prize.”
    • Hostess Prize: If a hostess chooses one of my closer party dates or does something “extra” for me, I’ll often give them a free book. When ordering these, I just include it with her hostess rewards.  This saves me on shipping and the time required to package and mail out a prize.

Erin’s Pro Tip: After choosing a winner from your party and having them message you, I like to give the winner two options: “I can send you a fun non-fiction beginners book or we can upgrade your prize to an extra $20 in free books if you’d like to host your own party. Which would you prefer?” Offering them $20 in free books will lead you to future business (potential recruits, future hostesses, more sales and commission, etc.) and will only cost you about $7 when you enter it under the Party Bonus Books in OrderPro. I feel like that’s well worth it!

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch the video to learn how to choose a winner for the Party Prize from your parties.
  • Decide on what prize(s) you’re going to offer to your customers. (When starting out, it’s okay to just choose a cheap book from your kit.)
  • Comment below with which rewards YOU are most excited about.
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.

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26 thoughts on “Hostess Rewards and Party Prizes”

  1. I really like the incentives here. Some people are hesitate about the commitment to host a part, so to add more money in free books sounds really great!


  2. I love using a free book as an incentive! I think it not only helps bring more guest to the party but also helps them to participate and get excited about the books!


  3. I like the idea of the free hostess books, and there is a book that comes in the kit I’m receiving for signing up, that my kids already have (about a $12-$14 value that I’m going to use as a free book giveaway at one of my parties!


  4. I’m teally excited to offer a prize during my party! I think I will offer a free book, or upgrade to the $20 free for a party booking!


  5. i think at first i’m going to give away books from my starter kit that i’m not as interested in. and over time as i earn free products i’ll keep adding to my prizes collection.


  6. I am excited to offer free books, as well as the incentive of $20 t host their own party, it’s a win win for everyone!


  7. Free books! That was a big part of getting me introduced to the books and I can’t wait to help someone else love them too!


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