Getting Paid

If you’re doing parties and selling books, I’m guessing you’d like to be paid for it! haha! If you sign up for direct deposit, you will be paid each Wednesday for the sales from the previous week (Sunday through Saturday). To sign up for direct deposit, go to Back Office > My Business > Manage Direct Deposit.

Anytime you have over $1000 in sales from parties in a single month, you’ll receive a 4% bonus. This is direct deposited on the 5th business day of each month for the previous month.

If you choose not to sign up for direct deposit, you will be mailed a check around the 20th of each month for your commission and bonuses from the previous month.

You’ll also be able to find a “Check Summary” in your back office that shows you a breakdown of what is included in each check and the amount that’s included.

Erin’s Pro Tip: No rush on this but next time you’re visiting your bank or credit union you may want to consider getting a separate account for your UBAM Business. It doesn’t have to be a “business account”, it can be a personal account, but ONLY pay for business things out of it. I do this to simplify things when it’s time for taxes. I have all of my commission from my UBAM business deposited into a designated account and then when I want money for family things, I write myself a check or transfer money over to our “family” account and then I pay for it with my family card. Make sense??

Your To-Do List:

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30 thoughts on “Getting Paid”

    1. I am not sure. Let me find out. I do know that in 12 years with UBAM I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem. Worse case scenario, if you don’t want to put your info in online they’ll just send you a check on the 20th of each month for sales from the previous month. It takes a little longer but either way you will get paid. 🙂


  1. With the first $500 I get it will go in my savings account to later be used on a down payment for a house, or I’d buy my kids whatever they needed.


  2. My first $500 will go towards either a much needed bathroom remodel or a new fence in the back yard. Both are currently falling apart.


  3. I told my husband the first $1,000 is going into savings. I know that’s more than $500. But if I earn more than $1,000, I’m totally spending it on Usborne books.


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