Build Your Dream Team

While you are still in learning mode, the idea of adding someone to your team may sound daunting. However, building your own team is the very BEST way to extend your reach, impact, and business from the very beginning. Whatever your why was for joining UBAM, the more people you have helping you out, the easier that why will be to reach! It’s not mandatory by any means, but it does put you on a path to be a future Team Leader which comes with a pay increase! In the meantime, you will be your new team member’s sponsor and your team leader will continue to help with training and support while you cheer on and learn alongside your new team member.

Before you skip the post in your Facebook Parties where you tell people to ask questions about the business or shy away from mentioning it in your home party, take a few minutes to think about the impact YOU can create on another family by sharing the business opportunity. Whether they are looking for some additional income (really, who isn’t?!) or if a mom is looking for a hobby to make her own, just simply asking a question like “Have you ever thought about doing something like this?” can invite a conversation about joining.

Erin’s Pro Tip: Having a recruiting conversation take some practice. So remember, start a 3-way conversation with you, your potential team member and your team leader when someone is interested. Introduce them and then sit back and learn from your Team Leader. After watching her a few times, I know you’ll have it down! Read more about this here.

Was building a library for your family one of the reasons you decided to take a chance and become an Usborne Books & More consultant? If so, remember, for each new team member that joins your team in your 12 week incentive period you’ll get $25 in free books of your choice.  You can take advantage of this as many times as you want!

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch the video about building your team.
  • Make a list of WHO you would like on your team. Think of those who would be fun to work with and/or those who have skills that would help them be successful in this business.
  • Reach out to 5 people on your list and ask them if they’d like more info.
  • Comment below with how you felt when someone asked you if you had ever thought about becoming an Usborne Books & More consultant.
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.


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7 thoughts on “Build Your Dream Team”

  1. When one of my Facebook friends asked me about becoming a consultant I told her no that I didn’t have the money to sign-up. I was then invited to a book party by Robyn, and I decided that I would go to the party and see what it was all about! I had so much fun as one of the guests that I decided to host a party and have even more fun! After I hosted that party i decided it was definitely something I wanted to do in my spare time that my kids would also enjoy and benefit from. When Robyn had posted in her Facebook group that we could sign-up for only $40 I knew I had to jump on that and started! I joined the UBAM family and I’m loving it!


  2. I am excited for people to jump into this great Usborne world the same way I did, Kristen didn’t even need to twist my arm! I saw the many ways Usborne could enhance my family and future and I was SOLD!


  3. When Alicia first asked if I would be interested I was scared but then decided to take the leap. She told me all about he great incentives for consultants and hostesses. I really liked the thought of spreading the joy of books!


  4. When Heidi first asked me, I wasn’t sure it was for me. Hearing about all the discounts on the books and the commission was interesting, but again, I just wasn’t sure if was the right thing for me even though I desperately wanted to help my family financially. Not long after, she recruited my oldest sister, and the two of them talked to me about the opportunity and helped me see past my fears and anxiety. So here I am! Ready to give this a shot!


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