That’s a Wrap! Closing the Show

Just a few more steps and your first party will officially be “closed.”

1. Message your hostess and let her know how much she’s earned in free and half-priced books. Here’s a sample message you can send:

“FABULOUS work! I’m happy to announce that you have $_____ in FREE books and $____ at half price! Go have a little happy dance on my website sticking that much in your cart (just no discounted books.) Message me a screen shot of the cart so I can get it in my computer and let you know costs. There’s a little bit of shipping and sales tax. Then we’ll chat over the phone to finish up!”

2. Once you have the hostesses order, input it into OrderPro. This video will walk you through how to put in her order. (HINT: Don’t watch this video until you have an order to put in. Trust me, it’s way less confusing that way.)

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch the video on how to close a party and order your hostess’ books.
  • Close your first party!
  • Comment below with how it felt to close your first party.
  • Download the Getting Started Workbook if you haven’t already.

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4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap! Closing the Show”

  1. We will see how this goes after my launch party! If I have any questions I will definitely talk with Robyn.


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