Getting Started & Your First 30 Days

CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to the book biz! This section of the training website is designed to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.  I’ve streamlined all the info out there and included only the most important. Each item listed below is quick and easy to go through and you can fit it in little pockets of time throughout your day.  Or, you can sit down and knock it all out in a couple of hours.  The choice is yours! Either way, know you have a large team behind you to cheer you on.  You got this!

I highly recommend printing out the Getting Started workbook so you can easily jot down notes, check off the training you’ve completed, and have it by your side for easy reference as you begin this new adventure.


Each of the following training topics will include a short video (usually 3-8 minutes) and then a short to-do list.  Join in our team community by leaving your comments on each topic. Are you ready to rock this?? Let’s do it!